Barnesville Animal Clinic

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Current Appointment Protocol


New Barnesville Animal Clinic COVID-19 Operating Procedures

On Monday October 12, 2020 we will be offering several options for Appointments only. Medication and food refills will still be curbside service only. Please continue to either order your medication or food by the PetDesk App, texting in to 770-358-3763, or giving us a call.

Please follow these directions:

After you park -Choose a visit option (Curbside or In-Clinic Visit)

-Call or text 770-358-3763 and let us know what visit you have chosen

-Please stay in your vehicle and await further instruction Appointment Visit Options:

Curbside Visits

-Phonecall after exam

-Video Call after exam


In-Clinic Visits

-Mandatory protocol to be followed In-Clinic Visit Protocol

-Wait in a designated square on the front porch for the technician.

-Please keep your mask on at all times.

-Your temperature will be taken and hands sanitized.

-The Technician will take you to a room.

-Stay seated throughout the visit. No leaving the room.

-Check-out will occur in the room.

-After check-out the technician will take you out the rear exit.


Thank you for your understanding at this time as we are trying to continue to provide care for your pet and at the same time keep our staff and their families protected

Drs. Mark and Pam Korb & Staff




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