Barnesville Animal Clinic

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Current Appointment Protocol

Barnesville Animal Clinic is seeing patients,  but as a reminder please know that, in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our staff and their families, as well as potentially to our clients, we are not admitting anyone in to our building. For the foreseeable future we will be utilizing curbside service (protocol explained below). 

When you schedule your appointment please discuss the nature of your concerns with our receptionist and she will find out any other pertinent information needed at that time. Then, in order to comply with our curbside service, upon arriving to our parking lot for your appointment please call or text the front desk at 770-358-3763 and let the receptionist know you have arrived. We will send a staff member out to bring your pet in to the clinic. If it is a short/simple visit needed you can wait in the parking lot. If your appointment requires a longer visit then you are welcome to either wait in the parking lot or return home and wait for a call from one of our veterinarians. Please know that we will not perform any tests or procedures without a thorough discussion with you beforehand, and any deposits or payments needed can be made over the phone.

Also, for any needed medication or food refills please call ahead or refill through our app or click the "schedule an appointment" button to the left of this letter.  It will take you to where you can request refills. When you arrive, please call or text from your vehicle if you have not made your payment yet. Your medication/food will be filled and a customer service representative will take payment over the phone.  We have a table on our front porch where we will leave your medication/food for you to pick up.

Lastly, if you have been sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness, have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, or have traveled to a COVID-19 endemic area, we ask that you please reschedule any routine appointments for 14 or more days, or have another individual available to bring your pet in if your pet needs immediate attention.

We realize this will present an imposition to our clients, albeit hopefully short term. However, in an attempt to continue to provide for your pets health and welfare, while at the same time protecting not only you and your family but also our staff and their families, at this time our new protocol is a necessary precaution. Thank you again for your understanding.

"God keep us and our loved ones safe and in Your embrace during this time."

Drs. Mark and Pam Korb & Staff




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